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When Your Tiger Needs a Root Canal

Our incredible staff goes through extreme lengths for medical procedures to help treat all Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium animals, from a small turtle to a massive tiger. Four veterinarians, two dentists, two dental assistants, one x-ray technician and several caring zookeepers gave one endangered Sumatran tiger a root canal last Friday.

Kirana did great under anesthesia, with a ventilator that helped her take deep breaths. Doctors constantly monitored her vitals and kept her warm and comfortable with blankets. While the dentist was working, our veterinarians took the opportunity to draw a little blood to bank in case of future needs and a few of her zookeepers cleaned her paws.

The canal is now squeaky clean after being flushed and sealed just like a human root canal procedure. Kirana can now enjoy her food and chew-toys with a healthy mouth.

-Denette Cowan, PDZA