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Endangered Red Wolf Pup Fostered In Wild
The Red Wolf Recovery Program announced the birth of a new litter of wild American Red Wolf pups in Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. A cross-fostered male pup, born at our offsite Red Wolf facility in late April, was introduced to the critically endangered Red Wolf pack in North Carolina last week. The mother and father have formed a strong bond with their five pups born in the wild and have also bonded well with the male pup fostered into the young litter.
Photo: Red Wolf Recovery Program / Approximately 9-day-old Red Wolf pups born on Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in 2023.
Zoo staff flew with the critically endangered pup to North Carolina in early May. These rare Red Wolf pups are vital to the survival of the species. This is the latest success in the story of recovery for this iconic American species in partnership with the USFWS Red Wolf Recovery Program. The American Red Wolf had nearly vanished from the wild in the 1970s, reduced to just 14 animals. But thanks to Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium and other groups, this all-American animal has been brought back from the brink of extinction. Learn more about how you can help save Red Wolves.
Critically endangered Red Wolf pup traveling to NC with Zoo staff