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Meet Penguin Chick Regina

So fetch! We can’t wait for you to meet penguin chick Regina – named after Regina George from the movie Mean Girls. The growing penguin chick currently lives behind the scenes with her keepers. But they’re not like regular keepers, they’re cool keepers.

Regina is only two months old and still has her baby feathers. That’s why her down is so fluffy. It’s full of secrets. Born and raised by parents Orange and Yellow, Regina now lives behind the scenes with her keepers until she can safely swim with the other penguins at Penguin Point.

Every summer that penguin chicks hatch at the Zoo, they are watched closely for when they molt their soft, downy feathers and take an interest in water. In the wild, parents would keep them out of the water until they grew in their fully-waterproof plumage and were able to swim safely.

But at Point Defiance Zoo, keepers don’t leave anything to chance in the pool of Penguin Point, where the Magellanic penguin colony lives. When they’re able to leave their parents, chicks are taken behind the scenes in pairs or groups to try out swimming in a safe environment, with keepers watching closely and helping them get out if necessary.

She loves going on small adventures behind the scenes with her human BFFs. After she safely learns to swim, she will return to Penguin Point.

We’ll continue to share updates about Regina. Don’t be jealous – she can’t help it that she’s popular. 🐧💖