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Zoo Plant Life

The Zoo is a great place to see animals – but it’s also perfect for seeing a diverse array of plants. From native Northwest to spiky succulents, humming pollinator gardens and exotic flowers, our plant life is stunning – plus it recreates habitats for our animals, and even provides them with leafy enrichment.

From Northwest to Carnivorous

Native Northwest
Asian Forest Sanctuary
Desert Garden
Pollinator Garden
Wild World Wonders
Red Wolf Woods
Arctic Tundra
Southern Borders
Baja Bed

Garden Tours

Meet our plants
(and our horticulturalist!)
Take a garden tour and get expert tips from our horticulturalist Bryon Jones. On the first Sunday of every month of the year, Bryon leads tours around the Zoo, focusing on seasonal plants and stories. Free with admission.
Garden tours
On the blog
Sensory Garden Tour
Spiky, velvety, sweet or tangy: Exploring a garden with your senses of smell and touch can open up a new plant world. Find sensory plants here or on a tour.
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In the News

Our plants make headlines!