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On the brink

The world’s tigers are vanishing from the wild at an alarming rate. Poaching and human encroachment on tiger habitat are pushing these magnificent animals toward extinction.

But together, we can help save them.

for extinction?

Tigers were once widespread across the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Due to poaching and habitat loss over the past century, and especially in the past 50 years, only two large populations of Sumatran tigers now remain.

through the Dr. Holly Reed Conservation Fund

Donations to The Zoo Society’s Dr. Holly Reed Conservation Fund for the Tiger Conservation Campaign support anti-poaching patrols and community education in Sumatra. They also support the Species Survival Plan and habitat protection.

Dr. Holly Reed Fund
their forest

Tigers need rainforest to survive – rainforest that is being cut down by humans to create plantations for palm oil, used in products from peanut butter to cosmetics. You can help tigers by choosing products with responsible palm oil.

Take Action Now

Help us Save tigers

Help us save this magnificent species. Donate here, call 253-404-3657 or mail a donation to:

The Zoo Society
5400 North Pearl Street
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Did you know?

Hit the water
Tigers are excellent swimmers, and can easily cross rivers and lakes five miles wide.
A group of tigers is called a "streak," but they're usually solitary animals.
The Sumatran tiger is the smallest tiger subspecies, with the darkest coat.

Meet our tigers!

Our tigers live in the Asian Forest Sanctuary habitat, spending time separately and near each other.