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Our Animal Care

We care for animals.

And you can see that care every day, from dedicated keepers to highly trained veterinarians. Our animals get regular medical check-ups and cutting-edge treatment. We’re constantly exploring new ways to enrich their diet and play, and help them feel comfortable.

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Care Stories

Red Wolf Pups Meet the Vet
Plus - choose their names!
When Dr. Karen Wolf picks up eight newborn red wolf pups one by one, it’s more than just a routine – though adorable – new pup exam. It’s a victory. Because these pups are vital to the survival of this iconic, critically endangered species.
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A Tapir Ultrasound
Comes with a back scratch.
Zoological Aide Katie Schachtsick holds a long-handled back-scratcher and applies just the right amount of pressure as she rubs it across the black-and-white hide of endangered Malayan tapir Yuna. It's all part of an ultrasound when you're a pregnant tapir.
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