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Climate Change

The Earth’s climate is changing. In most places, average temperatures are rising – and  most of this warming is very likely the result of human activities. Ice is melting for polar bears, coral reefs are dying.

But if we work together, we can slow it down.

Changing our Earth

Wildlife at risk
We're changing their home.

Climate change is having drastic effects on our ecosystem, right now. Polar ice is melting, so polar bears can’t hunt for food. Oceans are warming and acidifying, killing shellfish and coral reefs. Species are weakened by increasing disease.

Why does it matter?
We're all connected.

Even the loss of a single species can have cascading effects because organisms are connected through food webs and other interactions. We’re part of our environment. When it suffers, we suffer.

Leading the way
Here's what we're doing.

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is proud to be an Arctic Ambassador Center. We lead carbon emission reduction, support Polar Bears International (PBI) conservation research, and play a key role in the PBI Sustainability Alliance for polar bears.

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Planting the Future
Our Zoo ecosystem.

As the climate changes, people and animals depend on healthy plants for habitat, food, air, even protection during disasters. Yet plants are also threatened by climate change. We’ve filled our Zoo with a myriad of plants and ecosystems. Explore ours here.

Explore our plants

Take Action

Be a Polar Bear Pal
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Plant a tree