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Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater

Animal Encounters

It’s a pretty wild world out there – and we bring you the wonder of it. Meet animals daily – you never know who you’ll see. Watch animals and keepers present training demos at unscheduled times at the theater.

Discover Wild Wonders

Training Demo
with animals.
Stop by the theater to watch as keepers train animals like a king vulture, tamandua or aardvark. They are trained for behaviors they would naturally do in the wild, like climbing onto a tree branch. Positive reinforcement training is crucial to help animals participate in their own health care like holding still for a blood sample or opening a mouth wide for a dental check.
Watch Ruby the Hornbill Train
Wild Zoo Tour
Walk on the wild side.
Grab your phone or camera and your household and tour the zoo before we open! This unique Zoo For You experience gets you prime animal time, ending with a special animal encounter at the Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater.
Zoo For You

Meet the animal ambassadors!


Protecting Wildlife

Saved from extinction.

THE THREAT: Some of our animal ambassadors in the Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater are from species that are threatened in the wild: bald eagles, Canada lynx, clouded leopard.

TAKE ACTION: The good news is that humans can help save animal species. We brought bald eagles back from the brink of extinction. We can save others.

Wild Stories

Welcome, Raja!

Welcome, Raja! A new endangered Sumatran tiger will make his public debut this weekend (June 19-20) at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium – and although he is named after the Indonesian word for king, the 2-year-old tiger is actually pretty laid-back. “Raja is a laid-back cat who loves to roll around in the grass and … Continued

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Students Shovel Sand for Polar Bear

Students from Tacoma School District’s Science and Math Institute (SAMI) recently helped shovel a truckload of sand into Blizzard the polar bear’s habitat. “The sand cools off Blizzard in the hot summer weather and is soft on his feet, too,” said Assistant Curator Sheriden. “Blizzard loves having fresh sand every year and we really appreciate … Continued

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No Pennies in Penguin Point, Please

“No pennies in Penguin Point, please!” That’s the message from keepers and veterinary staff at Point Defiance Zoo, after Luna the penguin ingested a penny and became ill. In late May, keepers noticed Luna couldn’t keep her food down. After a call to the Zoo’s veterinarians, x-rays were taken and the results showed two coins, … Continued

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Other Animal Ambassadors
Get to know all the animals that live at the Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater! Find the full list here.