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Saving Wildlife

What can one person do?

Actually, quite a lot. There are many actions large and small that any person can do to help save species – and if we all do them, we could change the planet. Start now.

No plastic bags

Why a reusable bag bill?
To save the ocean.
Plastic bags are trash. Made from nonrenewable oil and gas, they clog recycling, become litter and end up in the ocean, harming marine life. We don’t need them. We’re joining with a state-wide coalition to eliminate plastic shopping bags in Washington. Join us.
Take Action

Community Conservation

Grit City Carnivore Project
Studying urban wildlife.
Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is partnering with University of Washington, Tacoma and Northwest Trek on a citizen science project – reporting sightings of carnivores like coyotes and raccoons in the Tacoma area on the iNaturalist app. Join us!
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Protect the Rainforest

Write a letter
Score your brands
Get the app

Stop Shark Finning

Take the Pledge
Watch your seafood
Tell Congress

Slow Climate Change

Be a pal
Make an impact
Explore Science
Plant a tree

Plastic-Free to Save our Sea

Use less plastic
Eat Ocean Friendly