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What's Open?

The new Zoo experience.

Wiggle with an otter. Roar with a tiger. Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is full of animals that will capture your heart and imagination, in habitats from rocky shores to bamboo forests. Explore them all here.

NOTE: Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, all indoor, high-touch exhibits and experiences are closed, including both aquariums.

Animal Experiences

Keeper Chats and Encounters
Meet our family.
During current Covid-19 restrictions, Keeper Chats and Animal Encounters will continue at various times throughout the Zoo but will not be scheduled to prevent congestion. Watch our animals receive special care or enrichment treats, and ask all the questions you can think of. Remember to keep a social distance!

Explore Animal Habitats

Asian Forest Sanctuary
Arctic Tundra
Rocky Shores
Kids' Zone
Red Wolf Woods
Pacific Seas Aquarium - closed
South Pacific Aquarium - closed
Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater
Budgie Buddies - CLOSED

Read Animal Stories

Lar Gibbon Brothers Arrive at Zoo

“Whoop, Whoooooop, Whoop-whoop!” There’s a new set of sounds heard throughout Point Defiance Park, coming from Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. It’s the sound of two young lar gibbons singing loudly in unison. Also known as white-handed gibbons, they are an endangered primate in the gibbon family with around 15,000 currently living in the wild. … Continued

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2020 Year in Photos

What a year this has been! From clouded leopard AI to a new muskox calf, from Zoolights to HeroRATs and everything in between, we’ve captured this year in our best photos of 2020.  

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Farewell, Walrus Boys!

They were rescued together as orphaned calves. Then they went to live at separate zoos for seven years before reuniting as “teenagers” here at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. Now, Pacific walruses Mitik and Pakak are moving out to the exciting world of a walrus harem to be with – and hopefully breed with – … Continued

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Animal Fun

Love at the Zoo Feb. 13-15
Be our Valentine.
Feel the love as our animals get unscheduled Valentine's enrichments all weekend long. Make your own animal Valentine, and hunt for hearts around the Zoo.
Love at the Zoo
Missing our animals?
Book an experience.
Feed goats. Train HeroRATs. Take a Wild Tour before the Zoo opens. Our Zoo For You Animal Experiences get you behind the scenes and up close to our animals. Perfect for families!
Animal Experiences

Meet Our Animals

Take Action for wildlife

THE CHALLENGE: Our Earth’s animals need our help. Their habitats are disappearing; they are being poached or hurt by pollution. We need to act now – together.

TAKE ACTION: At Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, we take action for animals. We support conservation campaigns and send our zoologists into the field for research. And you can help.

Support the Zoo
Looking for a deeper animal connection? Donate to The Zoo Society to support animal care, wildlife conservation, education and more.