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Sumatran Tiger Gets A Root Canal

Point Defiance Zoo’s 12-year-old resident male tiger, Sanjiv, recently had a dentist appointment to fix a fractured tooth.

Dr. Alice Sievers, a board-certified veterinary dentist and one of only 250 veterinary dental specialists in the world, volunteered her time with veterinary assistant Sharon Ghormley and veterinary technician Taylor Parker, all from Vancouver-based Pet Dental Specialists, a clinic primarily focused on treating dogs and cats with dental issues.

After taking radiographs and deciding the best plan of action, Dr. Sievers performed a root canal on Sanjiv.

The zoo’s non-profit partner, The Zoo Society, donated the X-ray machine to the healthcare hospital.

Meanwhile, Point Defiance Zoo’s associate veterinarians, Dr. Kadie Anderson and Dr. Cassidy Soehnlein, along with the zoo’s veterinary technicians, Sara and Bianca, led a full physical checkup on Sanjiv with the help of keepers.

Thanks to everyone’s hard work, Sanjiv’s teeth look good as new!