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Daily Presentations

Get Up close

Keeper chats, a new animal show and more.

There’s always something new to see and do at the Zoo. Get up close to animals, chat with a keeper and more, with scheduled and unscheduled chats and animal encounters! All free with admission or membership.

Daily Schedule

Pacific Seas Aquarium Dive Talk
10:30am (Sun, Thurs) & 1pm (Sun, Mon, Thurs)
Join us for our all-new dive experience! Meet and talk with divers in our beautiful Northwest Waters habitat and learn about the marine life in the waters of Puget Sound.
Northwest Waters
Asian Forest Sanctuary Keeper Chat
11am daily
It's a pretty cool job taking care of a tapir or tiger - but someone's got to do it, right? Come watch our keepers in action as they chat about all our Asian Forest Sanctuary animals.
Asian Forest Sanctuary
12pm daily, Additional 3pm show on Saturday & Sunday
It stars a wizard, a zookeeper and a very smart dog. There are broomsticks, potions and rats. It’s the all-new animal show at the Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater.
Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater
Marine Mammal Keeper Chat
12:30pm daily
How do you do a physical exam on a sea lion? What do otters like to play with? Our keepers are experts in caring for animals, and you can find out how they do it. Marine mammal keeper chat is canceled today (Sun. May 8).
Rocky Shores
Elephant Keeper Chat
1pm daily
Mud baths! Yoga! Chewing bamboo! Elephant life is never dull, and our keepers have lots of stories to tell.
Asian elephant
Red Wolf Keeper Chat
2pm daily
Meet these gorgeous animals, saved from near-extinction in the wild with the help of our Zoo.
Red Wolf Woods
Bugs Alive!
11am & 1:30pm Daily
Keepers will host live bug presentations on a stage in the Nature Play Garden, and people of all ages can meet bugs like a Chilean rose tarantula, Peruvian cave roach or emperor scorpion and discover the important roles bugs play in our daily lives.
Bugs Alive!
Budgie Buddies
Open daily 10am-3:30pm
Fluttering, twittering, chattering – step into our Budgie Buddies aviary and be surrounded by a flock of colorful little Australian birds!
Budgie Buddies
Goat Encounter
Open 10am-3pm (Mon - Fri), 10am-4:30pm (Sat & Sun)
We think our goats are adorable! Come meet our goats, pet them and find out for yourself.
Kids’ Zone
Tidal Touch Zone
Open 9am-3:30pm (Mon-Fri), 9am-5pm (Sat & Sun)
Feel a soft pink sea star, a spiky purple urchin, a hard crab. The Tidal Touch Zone in the new Pacific Seas Aquarium is where low tide meets your imagination.
Tidal Touch Zone
Antique Carousel
Open 9am-3:30pm (Mon-Fri), 9am-5pm (Sat & Sun)
Take a spin on our vintage Paul Titus Carousel and add some sparkle to your Zoo visit. Tickets: $2 per ride ($1.50 members).
Botanical garden tours
10am 1st Sunday of the Month
Go around the Zoo with our horticulturalist and discover lush bamboo forests, pollinator gardens and more.
Garden Tours