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Bugs Alive!

Bugs Alive! is Back

The popular Bugs Alive! program is back with a new home at the Nature Play Garden!


Bugs Alive! presentations are daily at 1:30 pm.

Discover Bugs

Encounter Crawly Creatures
Keepers will host live bug presentations on a stage in the garden, and people of all ages can meet bugs like a Chilean rose tarantula, Peruvian cave roach or emperor scorpion and discover the important roles bugs play in our daily lives. A large video monitor will show the audience a magnified view of the bugs during presentations.

Meet the bugs!

Brazilian Black Tarantula
Emperor Scorpion
Peruvian Cave Roach
Giant African Millipede
King Stag Beetle
Chilean Rose Tarantula
Tobacco Hornworm
Jungle Nymph
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