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Meet Rocket: The Super Speedy Dog

He’s the newest superstar at the Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater – and he’s super speedy.

“That’s why we named him Rocket!” said keeper Sara, one of the many people who care for the zoo’s new mixed breed rescued dog.

Estimated to be 2 years old, Rocket is enthusiastic about his new role at the zoo. He plays a wizard, known as “Professor Dumbledog,” that magically appears in the new Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater show opening May 7. Keepers say he’s the “paw-fect” addition to the stage.

“He is confident, agile, comfortable around people, and eager to learn,” said Sara.

Just by watching his curious ears and wagging tail, any dog-lover can quickly tell that Rocket enjoys his new home at the zoo.

“Rocket has one big family here at the zoo,” said Sara “We all care for him and give him constant attention.” Rocket also has a busy daily schedule, filled with training sessions and walks throughout the zoo. Keepers take Rocket on at least five walks every day. He also plays fetch in the grassy areas of the zoo before it opens to the public.

For rest and relaxation, Rocket has his very own chaise lounge behind-the-scenes where he loves to cuddle with keepers and play with his favorite toy, a rubber pig that makes a grunting noise.

“It makes our morning meetings even more interesting with those noises in the background,” said Sara.

Living at the zoo also means Rocket gets the finest food and extraordinary veterinary care.

“He’s a very healthy and happy dog,” said Sara.

Rocket with Staff Biologist Adrienne Umpstead.
Staff Biologist Adrienne training Rocket.

Longtime zoo-goers may remember Herald, the zoo’s other superstar dog. At 14 years old, he is no longer a regular in the Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater show, but keepers say keep a close eye: he will still be making occasional cameos!

Herald - Wild Wonders
Beloved Harald will be making cameos this season at Wild Wonders.

“Herald spends his day napping, relaxing and enjoying extra attention from keepers,” said Sara. “He is an excellent mentor and ‘big brother’ to Rocket.”

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Watch Rocket train for his big debut: