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Hudson+Charlotte: Together at Last

Our baby boy muskox Hudson is growing up – and just met his girlfriend Charlotte. After 2-year-old Hudson got closer in size to the 3-year-old Charlotte) keepers put him together with her in the Arctic Tundra habitat.

And they’re getting along perfectly, says senior keeper Shannon Smith.

“He’s being the boy, saying ‘That’s my food,’” comments Smith, as the two muskox go for the same bit of leafy browse the keepers have set out for them and end up in a brief gallop. “And she says, ‘Okay.”

While Hudson came to the Zoo as a baby (orphaned in Alaska), Charlotte arrived a lot bigger. Potential partners, they had to wait until they were a more similar size, for safety. Hudson’s still only half the weight he could eventually reach, but already he’s acting like a bull, with Charlotte looking on patiently! Mya, our third muskox, is 15 years old, and takes turns with the younger pair in the big habitat space. Visitors can see them daily.

Hudson (left) and Charlotte, together.