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2020 Year in Photos

What a year this has been! From clouded leopard AI to a new muskox calf, from Zoolights to HeroRATs and everything in between, we’ve captured this year in our best photos of 2020.

tiger kirana mouth wide
Kirana the tiger.
sea turtle swimming
Bruno the sea turtle joins the Pacific Seas Aquarium.


Veterinary staff checks sea turtle's mouth
Veterinary staff examines the inside of Bruno’s mouth
Keepers measure a sea turtle
Veterinary staff and keepers measure the length of Bruno’s shell.
Hudson the muskox.
Hudson the muskox.
sea lion
One of our new sea lions.
muskox in sunlight
Trebek the muskox calf was born in summer.
Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater got new ambassador chickens.
elephant skin
Suki the elephant celebrated her 56th birthday.
Cho Cho the siamang turned 54.
walrus and keeper
Pakak with keeper Sheriden Ploof.
two walrus faces
Pakak and Mitik left the zoo for new homes in December.
fruit bat
Indy the fruit bat.
penguin chick in keeper hands
One of the penguin chicks hatched in May.
A curious penguin.
red wolf pup
Our red wolf pups turned one year old.
red wolf pup
Our red wolf pups turned one year old.
kids in masks at blue hole
The Blue Hole in South Pacific Aquarium.
two boys goat grooming
Guests give goats the ultimate spa experience.
guests training hero rats
Guests training HeroRATs.
muskox calf yawning
Trebek the muskox calf.
muskox mom and calf
Charlotte and Trebek.
muskox trebek headbutt
Trebek the muskox calf.
Keepers made our pouched rats a Thanksgiving feast.
walrus and keeper
Pakak gets dental work on his tusk.
hummingbird flowers
We celebrate Pollinator Week.
zoolights family walking tunnel
 zoolights girls wand
zoolights prep
Prepping for Zoolights.
penguins diving
Penguins diving.
Clouded leopard AI procedure.
Clouded leopard AI procedure.
zoo beauty
Zoo beauty.