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Walk Through the new Aquarium

Wondering what all those concrete walls are going to become in the new aquarium? Here’s our walk-through guide.

1. You’ll enter just downhill from the path to Rocky Shores.
2. First, you’ll walk by a tidal surge tank, with Northwest animals like sea urchins.
3. In the top gallery you’ll catch an eye-level glimpse of our hammerhead sharks.
(This is the open space near to the construction fence on the Rocky Shores path.)
4. Double back along the upper gallery to pass giant Japanese spider crabs and schooling herring.
5. Go down a ramp past light-based water artwork to the jellyfish.

Map of Pacific Seas Aquarium

Another ramp takes you down to our “Under the Narrows” exhibit of Puget Sound marine life, including giant Pacific octopus and a kelp forest.
From the path fence, this is the space furthest away on the right.)
7. A third ramp leads down past a metal fish art installation to the tidal touch zone.
(It’s the space furthest away on the left.)
8. Go down the fourth ramp into our Baja Bay exhibit, with giant overhead window that lets you walk underneath sharks, eagle rays and sea turtles.
9. This leads to the Waves of Change conservation room, with jellyfish glass art.
10. The exit ramp leads past the gift shop and out to Rocky Shores.
(That’s on your left as you look from the path.)
Rosemary Ponnekanti, PDZA