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One Fish, Two Fish…

What better way to go back-to-school than at an aquarium? Here at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, we have two huge aquariums to choose from, with schools of fish to make any Dr. Seuss fan happy!

Here’s our version of the familiar classic. Read, then come and meet all the characters in real life, at the Pacific Seas Aquarium and South Pacific Aquarium!

One fish, Two fish


Red fish, Blue fish


Pink-and-blue fish…

sheephead fish
California sheephead.


Old fish, New fish.


This one’s long and lean and green,

moray eel
Moray eel.


This one keeps the aquarium clean.

diver in baja bay
Aquarist diver.


So many fish here to be seen!

Eel, tropical fish and more in the Lagoon of the South Pacific Aquarium.


Some are orange, some are brown,


This one looks just like a clown!

red fish


Some are angels, some are not –


This one has a leopard spot!

Leopard shark.
Leopard shark.


This one’s lips are big and fat,

ling cod
Ling cod.


This one swoops just like a bat.

spotted eagle ray
Spotted eagle ray. (Rays are fish too!)


Yes, some are yellow, some are red…



Some even have a hammerhead!

hammerhead shark
Hammerhead shark. (Sharks are also fish.)


Why are they yellow, pink and red?
To blend in with their coral bed!



Some have barbs…but all have fins,


Some have very toothy grins.

sand tiger shark
Sand tiger shark.


Some are thin and some are fat,


Some have whiskers like a cat!

nurse shark
Nurse shark.


From reef shark here to rockfish there,
Funny fish are everywhere.

two divers in aquarium