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Happy Zookeeper Week

National Zookeeper Week takes place July 17-23 this year. The week is devoted to sharing the passion and dedication of keepers.

Our zookeepers and aquarists are a dedicated group of people who work tirelessly each day to provide the animals with the best care possible. Below are stories from just a few of our incredible zookeepers and aquarists chosen by their curators.

MEET KEEPER KELSIEStaff Biologist Kelsie Atz-Riley with Saya.

MEET KEEPER SUZANNEMEET KEEPER JAREKStaff Biologist Jarek Sarnacki with prehensile-tailed skink Makara.MEET KEEPER MARGARETSuki with Keeper Margaret Jones.

MEET AQUARIST MARKStaff Biologist Mark Murray.

MEET KEEPER HEATHERStaff Biologist Heather Burns with Dudlee.