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On an overcast morning, Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium’s jelly team readies their boat and heads out into Puget Sound to a cove between Vashon and Maury Islands. The goal: collecting moon jellies.

Moon jellies are plentiful in the waters around the Pacific Northwest and the jelly team will try to collect up to 100 moon jellies on this jellyfishing trip. (All collection is done under a permit from the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, which monitors populations carefully.) Moon jellies are natural food for other jellyfish, like lion’s mane and egg yolk jellies, which are both in the Jelly Gallery in the Pacific Seas Aquarium.

“You can really tell a difference when those jellyfish have eaten what they would naturally eat out in the wild,” Aquarist Allissa says.

Aquarist Dr. Chad will also collect male and female reproductive material from the jellyfish they catch to increase the genetic diversity of the moon jellies he grows through IVF. Some will go in the jelly globe, as well.

Sit back, start scrolling and take a virtual jellyfishing photo trip with us on Puget Sound.