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Dear Santa: An Animal Wish List

What would you ask Santa for these holidays if you were a walrus? Or a tiger? Of course we can’t know what our animals are thinking, but we can definitely make some fun guesses based on what they enjoy doing or eating!
Here’s a Zoo wish-list for Santa from some of our animals. Let’s hope the guy in the red suit comes through…


two walruses in poolWalrus

Dear Santa,

What I really wanted these holidays was a brother to play with – and hey, you brought him early! Pakak and I spent our first three months together in Alaska after being rescued, but then we went to separate zoos.

Now we’re together, and we play and roll around together so much! We’re highly social animals so this is the best thing ever.

Thanks, Santa!



otter with crabSea Otter

Hi there Santa,

All we want for the holidays are crabs. Crabs, crabs, crabs. Then more crabs. Maybe some clams. But crabs are best. Lots of them, for all three of us.

We really love pulling them apart and eating them and diving for the rest and eating some more. Crabs, crabs, crabs. Otterly delicious.

Thank you.

Libby, Sekiu and Moea


clouded leopard with whipped creamClouded leopard

Dear Santa,

I know we don’t often run into each other: You only come in December and I am usually hiding in the tree canopy.

But I’m sure you realize that I am, basically, a big cat, so it probably won’t surprise you that what I really want these holidays is some cream. Preferably whipped.

If you want to put it on the window like my keepers do sometimes as a treat, that’s fine. But really, I’ll take anything. I’m not that fussy – after all, I am a cat, right?



Bandar the tigerSumatran tiger

Hey Santa,

One stylish animal to another – I like your coat, man. Great color. Anyway, about these holidays. We already get a lot of creature comforts from our keepers: you know, meat, enrichments, vitamins, heated rocks to lounge on.

But honestly, what we REALLY like to do is stalk. We’re just big cats, y’know? So anything you want to bring us that we can stalk would be cool: bones, meat. Live squirrels. (Just kidding.)



polar bear in poolPolar bear

Dear Santa,

I lead a pretty comfy life here at the Zoo. I’ve got my pal Blizzard, a cozy den, a deep pool and lots of keepers who give me food and fun enrichments. Sometimes I do like rolling around with a barrel or ball.

But honestly, I’m an old guy. I just turned 34, which makes me the oldest polar bear in this country (and maybe the world). And so you know what I really, really want these holidays? A nap. Nice and long.




boy feeding goatsNigerian goats

Hello Santa!

We’re so excited! The holidays are nearly here and winter break and Zoolights and ALL THOSE PEOPLE come to visit us! And feed us! We’re herd animals, so the more the merrier! And the more food, the even more merrier!!! (Did we say that right?)

Hey, Santa, why don’t you come and visit us too? Bring Mrs. Santa and the kids! They can feed us too! We are so cute, they will just love us.

See you soon! Bring food!!

All the goats


 tamandua baby on backSouthern tamandua

Dearest Santa,

These are my first holidays since I was just born in August, and I’m so excited! Can I tell you what I want most? My mom.

She’s so amazing, she can climb trees and stairs, she’s warm and cuddly and she never minds when I climb on her back even though actually I’m getting nearly as big as her now.

So that’s all I want for the holidays. My mom.



Giant Pacific octopusGiant Pacific octopus

Dear Santa,

What do I want for the holidays? Something to explore. You know how intelligent we octopuses are, how good at solving puzzles. I also like meeting new people – I explore things with my arms.

You probably don’t dive, so it’s best if you leave the gifts with one of my aquarists. Unless you want a thank-you hug, of course…



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