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Weekend Wonders in the Aquarium
Weekend Wonders in the Aquarium

As part of the Pacific Seas Aquarium Community Celebration, come every weekend of April for something totally new and wonderful! From filmmakers to performers and community science, we’ve got it all.


April 6-7: Lelavision music/dance

lelavision volcano

When: 10:30am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm (30 mins each)
Where: Baja Bay

Vashon-based duo Lelavision combine musical sculpture, dance, circus and theater into sheer magic. Use your imagination to dive into a weird, underwater world of singing shells, dancing volcanoes and spiraling strands.




April 7: Baja Garden Tour

baja bed

When: Meet 10am in the top plaza.

Take a special tour of our Baja Bed, right outside the aquarium and inspired by Baja Bay. Zoo horticulturalist Bryon Jones will highlight plants that have adapted to dry landscapes like that of Baja California – and how they save water. More info here.





April 13-14: Sisbro Studios filmmakers

Man with ukelele and turtle

When: 10:30am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm (30 mins each)
Where: Baja Bay

Sisbro Studios are just what they sound like: a Portland-based sister-brother team that make fun films about animals. But how do they get their footage? Who does the voices? And what’s with that 14-foot replica shark? Come find out.



April 26-29: City Nature Challenge

BioBlitz kids and Zoo staff

Who can spot the most animal or plants in their city? Tacoma can!

Join us and the rest of Tacoma in the City Nature Challenge, a global weekend where we get to spot as many animal or plant species as possible, and record them on the iNaturalist app. It’s a fun way to get out into nature – come to the aquarium to find out how the app works and get started.



April 26-28: Community art piece “Turtle Wave”

Sunny sea turtle

When: All day in Baja Bay

See and help create the “Turtle Wave,” a Tacoma-wide community art piece made of hundreds of origami turtles. Make your own, with your pledge to protect the ocean, and add it to the wave.



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