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We Heart Goats

One big goaty family

It's a herd life
(Very social.)

If you’ve ever lived in a big extended family, then you have an idea what it’s like to be a goat! Goats live in large social herds. And, just like in a human family, each goat has their own personality- some are shy, while others are outgoing.

Unique personalities
From shy to sociable.

Each goat has their own unique preferences, on anything from food, to toys, to climbing structures. But no matter what personality they have, each goat plays an important part in keeping the goat herd together and thriving!

Fun facts

about goats.
  • At Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, our herd of Nigerian dwarf goats contains goats of different sizes, coat colors, and personalities.
  • We have brothers, sisters, and unrelated best buddies- but they’re all an important part of the herd.
  • Stop by the dome in Kids’ Zone to say hi and get to know our goats!
  • Or book your family into a Groovy Goats program to feed and groom them.

Watch this throwback to baby goats Marion and Juniper!