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Meet Our Goat Herd

Come meet our happy herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats! All with unique personalities, they love to socialize with each other…and you. Meet Hazel, Bentley, and our five sets of twins: Sugar & Spice, Snap & Buckles, L.S. & Celeste, Juniper & Marion, and Dublin & Clover. Plus, meet the new kids on the block: Kettle, Biscuit, Hopper, Crumpet, Daisy Mae, Rhubarb, and Thistle.

Goats, Goats, Goats

Goats are (Almost) Like Us

Despite popular belief, goats can’t eat anything and everything! Some even have food allergies. They prefer blackberry bramble, willow, timothy hay and other vet-approved items. Sports fans take note: You might see our goats head-butt each other. Their skulls, like a football player wearing a helmet, are made to take the hit.

Feed the Goats...

Our goats love their nutritious pellet treats — just purchase tokens from  the dispenser in the goat yard and you can feed them from your hands. Remember to wash your hands afterward!

...Brush their Coats

Our goats enjoy being brushed! Keep your eye out for scheduled times in the summer or nice weather days when you can help groom them. Want to guarantee you can brush a goat or just have private time to hang with the herd? Book a Groovy Goats experience!

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Meet Our Goats

Goat kids!

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