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Love at the Zoo

February 10 - 11, 2024
9:00AM - 3:00PM
Animals. Enrichments. Feel the love.

Animal Love

Feb. 10-11
Feel the love
Watch animals enjoy Valentine-themed enrichments like heart-shaped ice treats, bamboo hearts, whipped cream, watermelon, and more!
Hearts Galore
Do the "Heart Hunt"
Who loves animals? Walk the Zoo to spot 12 big heart cut-outs, each with a QR code unlocking a secret web page full of cute animal pics, videos and fun facts! Look for lovely photos ops and decorations scattered throughout the Zoo.
Zoo-themed Valentines
At the event & free e-cards
Want to say "I Love You" in a furry special way? Send a Valentine with an animal design and cute pun! Save and print, or send a free e-card. Or, make one in our plaza during Love at the Zoo! Guests are invited to bring a paper Valentine from home or make one at our Valentine station. Just drop them into our specially made Valentine mailboxes.
Animal Valentines

Valentine Treats

Love at the Zoo Keeper Chats & Animal Enrichments
10:30amPacific Seas AquariumSun Only: Dive Talk
11amAsian Forest SanctuaryKeeper Chat and heart-shaped enrichments for one of our tigers
12pmWild Wonders Outdoor TheaterValentine Close Encounters with some of our lovely animals
12:30pmRocky ShoresKeeper Chat and watch marine mammals enjoy special valentines
1pmElephant BarnWatch Suki enjoy watermelon treats
2pmRed Wolf WoodsKeeper Chat and learn why it's important for red wolves to breed as a critically endangered species
2:30pmMuskoxenWatch the muskoxen enjoy special valentines like heart-shaped watermelon
Other Valentine's and heart-shaped enrichments will happen at unscheduled times throughout the weekend.

Animal Stories

10 Wonderful Walrus Facts

The first full week of December every year is Walrus Awareness Week. In recognition of the holiday and Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium’s two walruses, Balzak (pronounced bell’-zik) and Lakina, here are 10 Wonderful Walrus Facts. 10 Walrus Facts  Walruses are found in the icy Arctic waters. They prefer to haul out on polar ice but use small rocky islands when ice isn’t available. Walruses love company. In the wild, they huddle together onshore in the hundreds, piled up like…

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5 Animals that Beat the Cold

We’re all feeling the cold right about now in the Pacific Northwest. But here at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, our animals have some pretty cool ways to deal with it. From fur coats to heated hammocks, here are five ways our animals beat the winter cold. 1. Arctic Fox: Grow a winter coat Visit in summer, and you’ll see our Arctic fox Sven with brown fur. But come winter, he’s grown a lush, thick mantle of pure white. Arctic…

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Tacoma Students Engage with Wildlife On Field Trip to Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

On a chilly, sunny November morning in Eatonville, more than 150 third, fourth, and fifth-grade students from Tacoma’s Lister Elementary gathered at the entrance to Northwest Trek Wildlife Park. “We can’t wait to see the bears!” “The wolves!” “The cougar!” students all chimed in, bundled up in jackets and hats. Their excitement far outweighed the 40-degree temperature. They split up into small groups and gathered around a park map. “Where should we start?” asked fifth-grade teacher Anna Paker. “The bobcats!”…

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The perfect Valentine
Looking for the perfect Valentine? Come get a "hug" from a sea urchin! Take this behind-the-scenes tour of the Pacific Seas Aquarium.