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Love at the Zoo

February 12 - 13, 2022
9:00AM - 3:30PM
Animals. Enrichments. Feel the love. In compliance with the state public events mandate, masks are required outdoors and indoors for all guests ages 5+, regardless of vaccination status.

Animal Love

Feb. 12-13
Feel the love
Watch animals get enrichments like heart shaped ice treats, bamboo hearts, vegetable spaghetti or whipped cream (schedule below), and do a heart scavenger hunt and make a Valentine for the animals.
Hearts Galore
Do the We Heart Hunt
Who loves animals? Walk the Zoo to spot 12 big heart cut-outs, each with a QR code unlocking a secret web page full of cute animal pics, videos and fun facts!
Zoo-themed Valentines
Print or ecards.
Want to say "I Love You" in a furry special way? Send a Valentine with a Zoo animal design and cute pun! Download and print, or send an ecard. Or, make one in our plaza during Love at the Zoo!
Animal Valentines

Valentine Treats

Love at the Zoo Keeper Chats & Animal Enrichments
10:30amRed Wolf WoodsHear why it's important for red wolves to breed
11amAsian Forest SanctuaryVegetable spaghetti and Valentines for the primates
11:30amArctic TundraPolar bear Blizzard enjoys Valentines during a Keeper Chat
12pmWild Wonders Outdoor TheaterMeet some of our "baby" animals with their parents: beaver Butternut, tamandua Liana, and armadillo Segway
12:30pmRocky ShoresLearn about animals at the Rocky Shores habitat
1pmElephant BarnWatch Suki enjoy bamboo hearts, banana leaves and watermelon
1:30pmAsian Forest SanctuaryTigers will get heart-shaped ice treats with whipped cream
Other Valentine's and heart-shaped enrichments will happen at unscheduled times throughout the weekend.

Animal Stories

Pollinator Paradise

Tomatoes. Apples. Almonds. Pumpkin. Coffee. Tea. Chocolate. All pretty important, right? And they all have one thing in common: they need pollinators. Around 1,000 plants that humans use for food, drink, fiber, spices or medicine need to be pollinated by a very special group of animals called pollinators. Bees, butterflies, wasps, moths, hummingbirds, bats and … Continued

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Animal Lovers

Go beyond the typical Mother’s Day gifts and give mom a memorable experience she can enjoy with the whole family this year. Get up close to a moose, pet a goat or touch a jellyfish! She won’t soon forget these amazing experiences at Point Defiance Zoo and our sister zoo, Northwest Trek Wildlife Park!   … Continued

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Penguin Nesting Season

It’s penguin nesting season at the Zoo! As of late April, keepers had observed three eggs laid from penguin pairs Yellow & Orange (1 egg) and Pink & Red (2 eggs). Each year, keepers prepare Penguin Point for nesting season, adding long grasses for the Magellanic penguins to build their nests. Both parents take turns … Continued

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The perfect Valentine
Looking for the perfect Valentine? Come get a "hug" from a sea urchin! Take this behind-the-scenes tour of the Pacific Seas Aquarium.