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Love at the Zoo - NEW DATE

February 20 - 21, 2021
9:00AM - 4:00PM
New date - Feb. 20-21! Animals. Enrichments. Feel the love.

Animal Love

NEW DATE - Feb. 20-21
Feel the love
NOTE: This event is rescheduled due to heavy snow. Watch animals get enrichments, make Valentines and do a heart scavenger hunt!
Hearts Galore
Do the We Heart Hunt
Who loves animals? Walk the Zoo to spot 12 big heart cut-outs, each with a QR code unlocking a secret web page full of cute animal pics, videos and fun facts!
Zoo-themed Valentines
Print or ecards.
Want to say "I Love You" in a furry special way? Send a Valentine with a Zoo animal design and cute pun! Download and print, or send an ecard.
Animal Valentines

Animal Stories

Playing Bass for Blizzard

It wasn’t your average concert situation. Fingers chilling in the February breeze, I stood with my double bass poised on the grassy edge of a deep moat. My endpin and boots were planted in winter mud. Somewhere nearby, a bird sang. I drew my bow across the strings, beginning a low ripple and expanding out to a hopeful chord with deep bass underneath – and my audience of one raised his huge snowy-white head and gazed straight into my eyes.…

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Blizzard’s snow day

Blizzard the polar bear has millions of new fans after a video of him playing in the snow on February 13 went viral. In the video, Blizzard nose dives right into the fluffy cold powder and even seems to make some “bear angels.” At 25 years old, Blizzard is considered a senior bear (the median life expectancy is 23.4 years). He receives exceptional care from both the veterinary staff and his keepers. He is one of the most powerful, awe-inspiring…

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Elephant Facial Recognition

At the elephant habitat at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, Shannon Smith and Russell Pharr are doing something usually reserved for zoo visitors, not keepers. Side by side, phones held aloft, they’re taking photos of Suki, the zoo’s 56-year-old Asian elephant. Their angles are different: Smith, assistant curator, is at least a foot shorter than Pharr, staff biologist. But their goal is the same: Snap a total of 100 Suki photos each over the next few weeks. Why? So that…

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The perfect Valentine
Looking for the perfect Valentine? How about diving with sharks? Nothing like total immersion to bring you closer together. Book your Eye-to-Eye Shark Dive today.