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Love at the Zoo

February 15 - 16, 2020
9:30AM - 4:00PM
Treats. Animals. Feel the love. Free with admission. Feb. 15-16

Animal Love

You can feel the love
(and so can our animals.)
Feel the love as Zoo animals experience special Valentine-themed treats and enrichments. Why enrichments? They encourage our animals' natural behaviors, from smelling prey to breaking up ice. They're also fun for humans to watch!
Watermelon Valentine
Who's yours?
Meet our keepers and find out just how they care for our animals. Discover why we give barrels to polar bears and watermelons to elephants.

What's On

Heart treats, ice treats and more.
10:30amPenguinsPenguins get Valentine enrichments, plus grass for nests
11amSouth Pacific AquariumShark feed (Sat. only)
11amSouth Pacific AquariumLagoon fish get red heart-shaped enrichments
11amArctic TundraArctic fox gets Valentine enrichments and heart-shaped ice treats
11:30amArctic TundraPolar bears get barrels, heart-shaped salmon ice treats, Valentine enrichments
12pmWild Wonders Outdoor TheaterChiquita the baby tamandua makes her debut with mom Terra
12:30pmAsian Forest SanctuaryTigers get heart-shaped treats at the Keeper Chat
12:30pmSea ottersValentine enrichments and heart-shaped ice treats
1pmAsian Forest SanctuaryElephants get sweet treats at the Keeper Chat
2pmRed Wolf WoodsRed wolves get special Valentine enrichments
3pmRocky ShoresMarine Mammal Keeper Chat

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