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We Heart Penguins

Mind the eggs

Making a den
in a nesting colony.
Raising chicks takes teamwork in a penguin family, both mom and dad have primary roles. Magellanic penguins breed in large nesting colonies, with each pair living in a burrow. In our colony, each parent pair has a den.
Egg-cellent egg-sittting
Mom & Dad take turns.
When eggs are laid, both parents take turns sitting on the eggs in 2-week shifts. After chicks hatch, parents take turns feeding fish to their little ones.
Penguin Chick Parenting

Fun Facts about our penguins.

  • Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium welcomed chicks in May 2020!
  • Although they’ve grown their first coat of waterproof feathers, they don’t have their full tuxedo coloring yet.
  • Keep an eye out for the penguins that look a bit more grey in color than the others!

Watch our penguin chicks learn to swim in the video.