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Zoolights FAQ

All about Zoolights

Everything you wanted to know.
Is Zoolights a walk-through or drive-through display?

It’s a walk-through. Parking is free. Arrive early to secure your parking spot or plan to carpool on busy nights.

Who is covered for member-discounted Zoolights tickets?

Whoever is covered on your membership, including dependents/grandchildren on Household/Grandparent/Deluxe levels, and 3 guests on the Deluxe levels, 4 on Sponsor and 5 on Patron levels. More membership information here.

I have a Deluxe level membership that allows three guests each time I visit. Will I be able to get discounted Zoolights tickets for them as well?

Yes. See above.

Are wheel chair/scooter/stroller rentals available and where do I find them?

On busier nights (e.g. weekends), rentals will be located behind the front gate side booth. On slower nights they are located inside the carousel building.

If we purchase a combo ticket can we stay on grounds or do we have to leave and come back?

You are welcome to do either. If you choose to stay on grounds, our main café, carousel and gift shop all will remain open during that hour in between the zoo closing and Zoolights opening.

We are members of a reciprocal zoo. Can we get free or discounted Zoolights tickets?

No. Zoolights is a special event and not included in the reciprocal agreement. (See all zoos on the reciprocity list here.)

Can we dine at the Zoo?

Yes! Our Plaza Cafe is always open for dinner, drinks and snacks. The Pearl St Grille, near the Asia Dayroom, is open peak times only. Other stands for snacks and drinks are open around the Zoo. This year, make your own s’mores on the cafe deck and enjoy $5 food and drink specials at Happy Hour (3-6pm daily except Tue-Wed before Dec. 20).