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Zoolights FAQ

All about Zoolights

Everything you wanted to know.

Is Zoolights a walk-through or drive-through display?

It’s a walk-through. Parking is free.

Do I need to buy a timed ticket? Do children need timed tickets?

All Zoolights guests, including members, need timed online tickets. Children 2 and under do not need a timed ticket.

If it rains, can I get a refund? 

Zoolights is a rain-or-shine event. There will be no ticket refunds.

Who is covered for member-discounted Zoolights tickets?

Whoever is covered on your membership, including named adults, dependents/grandchildren on Household/Grandparent levels, and guests on the Deluxe levels. More membership information here.

I have a Deluxe level membership that allows three guests each time I visit. Will I be able to get discounted Zoolights tickets for them as well?

Yes. See above.

If I buy a membership, do I have access to more Zoolights times? 

No, members do not have a higher level of access/availability. However, members do get a discounted price on Zoolights tickets.

Do I need a mask? Do my children need one?

Yes. As required by the state public events mandate, masks are required throughout your Zoolights experience (outdoors and indoors) for all guests ages 5+, regardless of vaccination status. Thanks for masking up!

Exception for Children Under 5:  Children under 5 are not required to wear face coverings. Children ages 2, 3 and 4 are encouraged, but not required, to wear face coverings. Children under 2 should not wear face coverings.

If guests don’t have a face covering when they arrive, a mask will be provided to them. All staff members and volunteers are also required to wear face masks while working.

What is considered a face covering?

Under the Governor’s order, a cloth face covering is anything that completely covers your nose and mouth. It can be a scarf, bandanna or sewn mask with ties and straps that go around your head and behind your ears. Disposable masks are acceptable face coverings. Face shields are not an acceptable substitute for face coverings. A face shield does not fit snugly around the wearer’s nose and mouth, and does not stop the virus from getting into the air and potentially infecting others.

What if I am unable to wear a face covering due to a medical condition?

We understand that some people have medical conditions that are affected by wearing face coverings. However, to keep all our guests, staff and animals safe and healthy, we are requiring ALL guests (ages 5 and older) to wear face coverings while visiting — no exceptions.

What else are you doing to keep people safe and healthy?

We are limiting the number of guests each night and we are only accepting credit cards, not cash, for in-Zoo purchases.

Are wheel chair/scooter/stroller rentals available and where do I find them?

Yes. Find rentals inside the carousel to the right after you enter the front gate. Read more here.

Are you offering Day/Night Combo Tickets this year?

We are not offering Combo Tickets. You are very welcome to visit the Zoo during daylight hours with a timed online ticket, and return with a separate Zoolights timed online ticket.

We are members of a reciprocal zoo. Can we get free or discounted Zoolights tickets?

No. Zoolights is a special event and not included in the reciprocal agreement. (See the list of reciprocal zoos here.)

Can we dine at the Zoo?

Yes! Our Plaza Cafe is open for dinner, drinks and snacks to-go. Other stands for snacks and drinks may be open around the Zoo.

Is the gift shop open?


Is the carousel open? 


Can I see any animals during Zoolights?

Most of the animals will be asleep in their bedrooms behind-the-scenes. However, you can feed goats and meet meerkats in our Kids’ Zone area, and discover a surprise animal in our Asian Forest Sanctuary Day Room.

Are the aquariums open?

Our Pacific Seas Aquarium is closed during Zoolights. Explore it during daytime hours.

Our South Pacific Aquarium closed Nov. 15, 2021 for restoration and repair and will reopen in 2023.