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Wild Wonders & Budgies Opening

May 4 - 5, 2019
9:30AM - 5:00PM
Budgies and a live animal show. Perfect! Opening May 4-5.

Flutter and Swoop

The sound of excited budgies.
(Kind of noisy.)
Our budgies can't wait to see you! Opening this weekend, our Budgie Buddies habitat gives you the chance to meet these friendly Aussie birds up close. Buy a seed stick and wander in!
Budgie Buddies
The wildest show in the West.
On stage now.
It's the wildest show in town, and the only one featuring a "Sheruff" in a hot air balloon! Our Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater live animal show opens this weekend, with shows daily. Mon-Fri 12pm; Sat-Sun 12pm, 3:30pm
Wild Wonders

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Budgies love seed sticks
Want to feed our budgies? Then make sure you buy a seed stick, coated with yummy and nutritious food, Gift cards are great for buying seed sticks - perfect for Mother's Day!