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Pride Celebration

June 22 - 23, 2024
9:00AM - 4:00PM
Celebrate Pride and our LGBTQ+ community at the Zoo!

Celebrating Pride

Rainbow enrichments
Because diversity is a good thing.
Watch animals enjoy rainbow-themed enrichments all weekend. Some enrichments are scheduled (see the schedule below) and some are not. Keep an eye out for Pride enrichment experiences throughout the day all weekend long! Many animal areas will be decorated in festive Pride decorations. Come and see the Zoo filled with amazing color.
Join The Pride Parade!
Dress in your Pride finest and join the Pride Parade! Led by animals from Wild Wonders and Kids’ Zone (accompanied by their care team). The parade will begin near the Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater on Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 a.m..
Make Your own pride Flag
and get the ultimate pride selfie.
Create your very own Pride flag and be sure to snap a selfie at our brand-new Pride photo booth that you will find at the plaza. All free with Zoo admission or membership.
Pride at Northwest Trek
Wild rainbow fun.
You can't have too much Pride! Visit our sister zoo Northwest Trek Wildlife Park on the same weekend for even more rainbow-colored fun.
Northwest Trek Pride

Pride Enrichment Schedule

Activities will be held Saturday and Sunday unless otherwise noted.
9:30 am Sat & Sun
Meet Ups! Grab a name tag and gather with your community members (LGBTQIA2+ families with young children)
Kids' Zone
9:30 am Sat & Sun
Dive Talk
Pacific Seas Aquarium, Northwest Waters
9:45 am Sat & Sun
Story Time with Zoo Guides
Nature Play Garden
10:15 am Sat & Sun
Bugs Alive!
Nature Play Garden
10:30 am Sat & Sun
Pride Parade
Starting at Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater, ending in the Plaza
11:00 am Sat & Sun
Keeper Chat and watch a tiger get rainbow popsicles and whip cream treats
Asian Forest Sanctuary
11:00 am Sat & Sun
Meet Ups! Grab a name tag and gather with your community members (LGBTQIA2+ adults and elders)
Education Center
11:30 am Sat & Sun
Keeper chat and watch the polar bear sisters get rainbow ice treats
Arctic Tundra, Polar Bears
11:30 am Sat & Sun
Animal show
Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater
11:45 am Sat
Watch Buddy the California sheephead get rainbow ice treats
Pacific Seas Aquarium, Kelp Forest
12 pm Sat & Sun
Keeper Chat and watch seals/sea lions enjoy rainbow ice treats and enrichments
Rocky Shores Seal/Sea lion habitat
12:30 pm Sat & Sun
Watch the siamangs or gibbons enjoy rainbow kabobs and Pride themed enrichments
Asian Forest Sanctuary
1 pm- Sat & Sun
Meet Ups! Grab a name tag and gather with your community members (LGBTQIA2+ pre-teens and teens)
Education Center
1 pm Sat & Sun
Keeper Chat and watch Suki the elephant enjoy rainbow ice treats
Elephant Barn
1:15 pm Sat & Sun
Bugs Alive!
Nature Play Garden
1:30 pm Sat & Sun
Animal Encounter
Critter Corner, near muskoxen
2 pm Sat & Sun
Keeper Chat and learn why it’s important for red wolves to breed as a critically endangered species
Red Wolf Woods
2 pm Sat & Sun
Watch animals receive rainbow popsicles and Pride enrichments
Asian Forest Sanctuary
2:30 pm Sat & Sun
Animal Show
Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater
3:15 pm Sat & Sun
Nature Explorers activity
Nature Play Garden
*Look for additional animal enrichments and encounters throughout the day as you stroll the Zoo and Aquarium!
A New Mob of Meerkats

Five new meerkats are now living in the Kids’ Zone area at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium! The two females, Keeya and Naledi, and three males, Kayode, Chaka, and Mkhaya, arrived in Tacoma in June. “We are delighted to welcome these meerkats to Tacoma,” said Curator Natalie Davis. “They are such curious, interactive animals, and observing what they get up to each day is very enjoyable.” A group of meerkats is called a “mob” or a “gang.” The new arrivals,…

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Critically Endangered American Red Wolf Pups Receive Exam

Our five critically endangered American Red Wolf pups met the vet team last week for a pup exam at our offsite facility in Eatonville, where the largest Red Wolf population in the world resides. Veterinarian Dr. Kadie evaluated the two-month-old pups’ overall health, checked their heart and lungs, weighed them, and gave them deworming medications and vaccinations. The growing pups weigh five to nine pounds and are really active. The litter, consisting of three males and two females, is vital…

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Sea Lion Pup Born

The sea lion pup will remain behind the scenes for the next few weeks as she learns to swim and continues to bond with mom. She will join the other sea lions and seals in the public viewing pool later this summer.  There’s a new set of flippers at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium! Keepers in the Rocky Shores area of the zoo are celebrating the birth of a female California sea lion pup born on June 6. The…

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Pacific Seas Aquarium Behind-the-Scenes Tour
Ever touched a moon jellyfish? Seen baby jellies through a giant microscope? Fed an anemone? The Pacific Seas Aquarium Behind-the-Scenes experience is a fascinating tour through the backstage areas that only aquarists get to see.