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Eye-to-Eye Shark Dives

Dive In

Up close with sharks.

Our Eye to Eye shark dive program is temporarily closed while we are restoring the South Pacific Aquarium. The South Pacific Aquarium is scheduled to reopen in Spring 2024. Our Eye-to-Eye shark dive program will continue but we do not have a reopening date at this time. In the meantime, learn more about sharks and how we can protect them in them in the wild.

What You'll Experience

Meet our sharks
in their world.

Get Eye-to-Eye with our amazing sharks! Enter the Outer Reef habitat and get a unique view of our sharks and other fish.

Come on in
(The water's fine.)

Yes, it’s warm! Our sharks are warm-water species: Their water is a comfy 74 degrees, while the air is downright balmy.
We’ll give you a dry-suit that completely seals out water, so you can wear street clothes underneath.

Breathe from the surface
(No experience necessary.)

Let our dive experts teach you the basics of breathing surface-supplied air, then guide you into our 225,000-gallon warm water shark exhibit.
No experience is necessary!

Meet Our Sharks

Fast Facts

Ages: 8 and up. No experience necessary. Minors need to be accompanied by an adult, who will require Zoo admission.

Gear: All gear is supplied. Prescription masks available. No personal cameras, please.

Wear: Comfortable clothing, and bring warm layers. The drysuit will go right over these. It’s unlikely you’ll get damp but bring a change of clothes just in case.

Save Sharks

Take the pledge!

Join thousands of Eye-to-Eye Shark Dive participants who have signed their names in support of sharks.