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Shark Dive FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

(and answers too!)

Who can do dives?

Dives are designed for anyone age 8+ (no experience necessary). Minors need to be accompanied by an adult, who will require Zoo admission.


How much does it cost?

$60 for Zoo members; $75 for non-members
*Prices shown do not include tax


Where are the dives held?

In the 225,000-gallon, warm salt-water South Pacific Aquarium.


How many sharks are in the tank?

15 sharks, five different species.




What is a Cage Dive?

A sturdy cage is suspended in the South Pacific Aquarium. You will stand underwater in the cage with a trained diver as a guide.


Will I leave the cage to swim in the aquarium?

Cage divers will remain in the cage during their experience.


How big is the cage?

12 ft long, 4 ft wide and 9 ft deep.


How will I breathe underwater?

You will wear a mask and breathe surface-supplied air through a special mouthpiece. Dive staff will show you how to use it.


Do I need any special equipment?

No. We supply all the necessary gear. You don’t even need a bathing suit. Our dry suits will zip over your street clothes and seal out water.


How long does a dive last?

Approximately 20 minutes in the water. The entire program runs about 1 hour.




How do I register for a dive?

Register online, at the front gate, or by emailing


What is the cancellation/change policy?

All purchased dives are non-refundable, non-transferable and reserved for a specific date and time. Changes to the date or time of a dive will be considered only if received seven days before the confirmed dive date and if there is room available. A 20% rescheduling fee per participant will be charged for each dive session change.


Are there any restrictions for participants?

Age: 8 and up
Weight: No more than 275 pounds
Health: You must be in good health and fill out a health questionnaire. You may not dive if pregnant.




Where do I go for my dive?

After you make your reservations online, your ticket for entrance to the Zoo and the Eye-to-Eye Shark Dive will be emailed to you. With that ticket, you can bypass the line at the Zoo’s main gate and scan your barcode through the turnstiles for entry. Meet outside the entrance of the Stingray Cove exhibit 15 minutes before your scheduled dive time. There’s an Eye-to-Eye banner at the meeting spot, where you’ll be greeted by dive staff.

Here’s where you meet them.

Shark dive map


All dive programs begin promptly, so we ask that you arrive at the meeting area 15 minutes ahead of time. Please allow ample time for traffic, parking, and walking down to the meeting site. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate late arrivals. We cannot issue refunds or reschedule for those who miss their dives.




What should I wear?

Wear comfortable street clothes, free of jewelry like dangling earrings. Although the water is warm (about 75 degrees) you might want a thermal shirt or sweatshirt under your dry suit. We have extra fleece pants and tops available.


I’m a Scuba diver. Can I bring my own equipment?

You may bring a prescription mask if you need one, but that’s all. We supply everything needed for your dive.


Will a dry suit keep me from getting wet?

The dry suit is designed to keep your clothes dry. Your head, hands and feet will get wet, and we will provide you with a towel to dry them after the dive.


What if some water does get on my clothes?

That’s unlikely, but if your clothes do get damp, we can dry them for you. And we have fleece pants and shirts to loan you while your clothes dry.


May I wear contact lenses or glasses during my dive?

Contact lenses, yes. Glasses, no – they interfere with the mask sealing. We have some masks with preset prescriptions. If you have your own prescription mask, you may bring it.





Lockers: We have secure lockers available for your belongings during your dive.

Wet clothing: In the unlikely event that your clothing gets wet, we have laundry facilities and fleece to wear while your clothes dry.

Cameras: For safety reasons, divers aren’t allowed to bring cameras on their dive. Our trained diver will take video of your dive and you may purchase a copy before you leave.

Additional photos: Friends and family can photograph divers from the South Pacific Aquarium viewing window.

Friends and family: There’s a spot in the South Pacific Aquarium for them to watch through a viewing window. All visitors not participating in the dive must be members or pay admission to the Zoo.

Parents: May accompany their children if they also purchase a dive. Parents who don’t dive must pay Zoo admission. They may accompany their children through the safety briefing then watch through the South Pacific Aquarium viewing window.

Purchasing dives as gifts: Zoo gift cards are available online and at the Zoo front gate. They may be used for Eye-to-Eye Shark Dives.

Souvenirs: A video of your dive is available for purchase after your dive.