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Nature at Home

Wild Learning

Staying at home? Missing animals? We’ve got the solution – Nature at Home!

Kids learning at home can now explore wildlife online.

Scroll for animal videos, scavenger hunts, nature science, crafts, pollinator gardens and more.

Scavenger Hunts & More

Be a wildlife detective.

Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt to discover wildlife inspired by animals at Northwest Trek and Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.

Be a nature scientist and do your own experiments at home. Or get creative with nature-inspired arts and crafts.

Just click the link, open the pdf and off you go. And check back for new activities!

Choose an activity

Inside Hunts
Outside Hunts
Nature Science
Nature Arts
Parent-Teacher Resources

Nature Science

Wild Animal Eye Spy
Can you spot it?
Can you spy the wild animals in our camera-trap photos? Learn how to ID coyotes, squirrels, deer, birds and raccoons – then spot them in photos from real-life camera traps hidden around Pierce County for the Grit City Carnivore Project.
Wild Animal Eye Spy

Watch Wildlife

like a zookeeper.

Watch a shark dive at the Zoo, thanks to our partner Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital.

For more videos, find our YouTube channel.

Wildlife Learning

Meet our animals
and learn cool facts.
Love animals? Then you're in the right place. Explore our animal pages for fun facts, stories, science and adorable photos of tigers, wolves, sharks and so much more.
Meet our animals
Make a Pollinator Garden
Bees, birds, butterflies.
It's the perfect time to make a pollinator garden at home! Hummingbirds, bees and butterflies all need our help right now. Learn how to plant a space to feed and shelter them as they help our food grow.
Make a garden
Do Online Wildlife Academy
Northwest animals, at home.
At our sister zoo Northwest Trek, Online Wildlife Academy offers parents, educators and group leaders an easy way to connect kids K-8 with native Northwest wildlife through an interactive Zoom with videos, props and more! Available for individuals or groups.
Online Wildlife Academy

See Animals Live

in the wild.
Peek into the wild lives of animals we care for! Here are some of our favorite wild web cams and videos.
Polar Bears
Sea Turtles

Coloring Sheets

A ton of fun.

polar bear in poolNeed something for the littles? Find our animal coloring sheets here! Just download and print.

Polar Bear Pals

Aquarium Animals

Zoo Animals

More Nature Learning

Get curious.