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We Heart Sea Turtles

Caring for sea turtles

Enrichment awaits

Green sea turtles are very inquisitive and making sure they have all the enrichment they need to keep them entertained is important, not only for themselves but also their neighbors around them. Aquarists offer balls, feeder puzzles, and training sessions to keep them active. Our Green sea turtles are still very young.

Fun facts

about sea turtles
  • Green sea turtles are herbivores – in the wild they would eat seagrasses and algae. Ours love romaine lettuce, bell pepper and other veggies!
  • The average life span of a green sea turtle is around 80 years old and they are considered fully mature at around 25 years.
  • They can grow to 300-400 pounds. They live in warm oceans around the world and migrate a lot.