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Moms & Pups

Back from the brink
Nearly extinct

Red wolves are a critically endangered species, whose population once numbered only 14 individuals. Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium was a key partner in a zoo-based breeding and reintroduction program that brought this species back from the brink of extinction

Help Red Wolves
Great foster moms
Teaching pups how to be wolves.

Red wolves make great foster moms! While wild red wolf moms were out looking for food, scientists would add a pup born in human care to her den. When mom came back, she’d ‘adopt’ the new pup that smelled like the rest.

Learn about the puppies born last spring
Pups learn how to be a wolf
From their family

Pups learn how to be successful wild wolves from their new family. This technique was so successful it was also used in the Yellowstone grey wolf reintroduction program!

Fun facts

about red wolves.
  • Red wolves are social animals! They live in packs.
  • Two wolves will bond for life, and typically mate once a year.
  • Red wolves can travel up to 20 miles a day to search for food.
  • Twelve healthy American red wolf pups were born this spring at the zoo’s off-site breeding facility in Eatonville!