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We Heart Opossums

Pouch babies

Carrying babies in a pouch
(It's a marsupial thing.)

Though marsupials are usually associated with Australia, and make us think of animals like kangaroos and koalas, North America has its very own marsupial- the opossum! Like other marsupials, opossums have a pouch which is essential for reproduction.

Snug in the pouch
then riding on mom's back.

After a 2-week pregnancy, the honeybee-sized baby moves to mom’s pouch to continue growing strong. As they get larger, babies spend time outside of the pouch, even riding on mom’s back as she travels the forest.

Fun facts

about opossums.
  • As excellent climbers, opossums are adept at clinging on tight to mom’s fur- but, contrary to popular belief, they can’t hang in trees by their tails!
  • Opossums are common visitors to urban areas and backyards, so keep your eyes peeled and say hi to our only local marsupial!
  • Our opossum Oliver lives in the Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater habitat, and occasionally makes appearances at Close Encounters.