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We Heart Octopus

Eight-armed Introverts

Hanging out at home
In a cozy den.
While some animals are social, others like the Giant Pacific Octopus prefer hanging out on their own. The ultimate homebodies, these octopuses like chilling out in their cozy dens.
Thousands of eggs
once in a lifetime.
This introverted approach to life also applies to octopus breeding- they only lay eggs once in their lifetime, but make up for that infrequency by laying up to 400,000 at a time.

Fun facts

about our octpus.
  • Octopuses are very smart animals.
  • At Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, our aquarists work hard to ensure our octopuses get lots of enrichment in the form of puzzles, treats, and training.
  • This keeps their minds stimulated, contributing to overall good health!
  • Our octopus lives in the Pacific Seas Aquarium, which is currently closed to visitors.

Watch this San Diego Zoo Kids video on how aquarist Mikiko Williams cares for our octopus!