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We Heart Muskox

Muskox Family

It's a herd life
Bonding, health & safety.

Muskox live in herds in the Arctic, and calves rely on the herd to keep them safe and healthy. Adults will form a circle around calves to protect them from predators. Calves have a strong bond with their parents.


2023 was a big year for our muskox herd! Charlotte and Hudson became parents again, welcoming baby Willow in September. You can see Willow with her parents in the Arctic Tundra habitat.

Learn More About Willow

Fun facts

about muskoxen.
  • Muskoxen have secret weapon against the cold – a two-layer coat. Their soft underwool, called qiviut (“kiv-ee-ute”) is warmer than sheep’s wool and softer than cashmere. They shed it in spring.
  • Muskoxen have lived in the frozen Arctic for many thousands of years, living on prairies and tundra in Greenland, northern Canada and Alaska.