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We Heart Lemurs

Females in charge

Ladies lead the family
(Queens, not kings.)

Like elephants and meerkats, lemurs live in a matriarchal society, where females are the ones in charge! This means that yes, King Julian would have been overruled by any female lemurs on the island of Madagascar!

Meet Queen Tiffany
But everyone's important
in a big family.

Though females lead the way, both males and females are important to a lemur family. Lemurs are a social primate and tend to live in large groups where communication is key.

Fun facts

about lemurs.
  • Our black and white ruffed lemurs frequently call throughout the day with loud vocalizations that may sound like fighting, but are actually essential calls these lemurs use to keep track of the group or warn of approaching predators!
  • Did you hear any lemur calls during your visit to the zoo?