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We Heart Lar Gibbons

Pairs & brothers

Bonding for life
and singing songs.

Gibbons are arboreal animals, spending their whole lives high in the trees of the rainforests of Asia. They typically live in bonded pairs, communicating through loud, long songs that carry across the trees and keep their bonds strong.

Orion and Aries
brothers in song.

Though pairs are often a mated male and female, here at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, our pair of lar gibbons are actually brothers – Orion and Aries.

Orion & Aries

Fun facts

about lar gibbons.
  • Gibbons have one of the longest juvenile periods among nonhuman primates, maturing at 8-12 years.
  • They love to play and are very athletic, doing back flips through the air while swinging or somersaults on the ground.
  • You can keep an ear out around the Zoo for their songs throughout the day, or spot them in the Asian Forest Sanctuary swinging by their long arms, grooming each other’s fur, or just hanging out- literally!