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We Heart Harbor Seals

Moms & pups

Attentive moms
and patient pups.

Harbor seals live in Puget Sound. They are affectionate and attentive moms. Growing seal pups will often stay behind on shore while mom heads into the waves to find fish, but she’ll always be keeping a close eye on her pup from the water!

Give pups some space
Mom's nearby.

While out on the beach, you may see a cute, fluffy seal pup and be tempted to get closer for a picture. Mom won’t like it! She may get spooked and abandon her pup if she sees you or your dog too close to her baby. So always keep your distance to keep seals safe and healthy.

Fun facts

about seals.
  • Our two seals, Qilak and Saya, are a mother and daughter pair.
  • Saya was born at the Zoo in 2013.
  • Our smaller seal with the lightest face and black and white spots on her light gray belly, Saya is maybe the most recognizable for visitors.
  • Harbor seal pupping season in Puget Sound is typically from May to September, so be aware when visiting beaches during this time. Even if you see moms and pups together, always stay back at least 50 yards to protect seals like Qilak and Saya!