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Zoolights Top 10

Lights. Cameras. Magic.

1. Be wowed
by stunning light displays.
Be inspired by a giant octopus, sea turtles and sharks, a 22-foot-wide rock crab with moving pincers and a glowing orange body, and more. Surprises and old favorites await you at every turn!
2. Spot baby animals
(in lights!)
This year we're celebrating our new baby animals by recreating them in lights! Can you find a tapir mom and calf, baby tamandua, beaver kit or red wolf pups?
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3. Look out
for Sasquatch.
No, really. Made last year by our Zoolights crew, this fabled Northwest legend is hiding out in the place he loves best - the forest. Can you spot him?
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4. Happy Hour
and s'mores.
This year at Zoolights you can warm up with hot cocoa, cider or beer at Happy Hour 3-6pm daily, with $5 food and drink specials. And on Fri-Sun, make your own s'mores at our cafe deck firepits! $3.75 single/$7 double.
5. Ride Jingles
The most famous reindeer of all!
Jingles is a favorite on our vintage carousel, with his pink nose, gleaming flanks and brightly baubled antlers! Take a spin and see if you can be the one to catch Jingles as he rides around.‚Äč
6. Meet the meerkats
at Kids' Zone.
Marvel at our mob of meerkats and meet other animals up-close at Kids' Zone. Zoo animals in other exhibit areas will be asleep off exhibit.
7. Get up close and personal
with massive sharks.
Warm up in the steamy South Pacific Aquarium and watch massive sharks move gracefully through the water. Nurse shark, black tip reef shark, sandbar shark and our shy sand tiger shark - find them all.
South Pacific Aquarium
8. Feed a goat
Bring your kids to meet ours.
Get up close to adorable goats at Kids' Zone. Feel their noses wiggle in your hand as you feed them Timothy hay food pellets.
9. Gaze into the Blue Hole
In the South Pacific Aquarium, gaze into the Blue Hole for a divers-eye-view of tropical fish.
10. Walk the light tunnel
90 feet of selfies.
New this year: a 90-foot-long tunnel of lights! Take a stroll through and stop for a selfie.

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