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Zoolights Top 10

Lights. Cameras. Magic.

1. Be wowed
by stunning light displays.
Be inspired by a giant octopus, sea turtles and sharks, a 22-foot-wide rock crab with moving pincers and a glowing orange body, and more. Surprises and old favorites await you at every turn!
2. Spot baby animals
(in lights!)
This year we're celebrating our muskox calf Trebek with an entire muskox family in lights! Can you spot them? And don't forget last year's tapir calf, baby tamandua, beaver kit or red wolf pups...
Making Baby Zoolights
3. Look out
for Sasquatch.
No, really. This fabled Northwest legend is hiding out in the place he loves best - the forest. Can you spot him?
Prepping for Zoolights
4. Meet the meerkats
at Kids' Zone.
Marvel at our mob of meerkats and meet other animals up-close at Kids' Zone. Zoo animals in other exhibit areas will be asleep off exhibit.
Meerkat Stocking Surprise
5. Spot a tiger face
(WAY larger than life!)
It's the only time you'll find a tiger in the elephant habitat at the Zoo - during Zoolights, when the giant tiger face appears behind Suki's outside yard!
6. Walk the light tunnel
100 feet of selfies.
Now bigger and better than ever! Take a stroll through and stop for a selfie.
7. Warm up
with a hot cocoa.
Our cafe and outdoor food kiosk will be open and serving yummy hot drinks, food and treats to-go all night long!
8. Take a selfie
at the Seahawks tree.
It's a Zoolights tradition - a blue-and-green selfie in front of our beloved Seahawks tree!
9. Meet The Kraken
(The hockey kind.)
It's not enough to have a giant purple octopus on the roof. This year, we've given it a hockey stick too, in honor of the Seattle Kraken team! Selfie heaven for sports fans.
10. Feed Groovy Goats
Exclusive, private, safe.
NEW - Groovy Goats Holiday Edition! Book this Zoo For You animal experience happening at 4:30pm daily, right before Zoolights opens, and feel all that goat love while staying safe and healthy. One household per experience. Price includes Zoolights admission.
Groovy Goats

Check out our main Zoolights page for tickets, tips, gifts and much more.