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Teacher Resources

We love learning too.

Here’s a whole page of extra resources for before, during and after your Zoo experience.

Teacher Resources

Aquarium Fun
Pacific Seas Aquarium Coloring Sheets

Explore our new Pacific Seas Aquarium animals even before you visit them! Four beautiful coloring sheets designed to stimulate imagination and empathy feature giant Pacific octopus, giant spider crab, eagle ray and schooling herring. (Perfect for Pre-K.)

Download Sheets Here

Know Before You Go

Zoo Preview
Sensory Inclusive

The Problem with Plastics

to Save our Sea
What if there was more plastic in the ocean than fish? Find out about the plastic problem and how to help.
Art & Marine Debris
Where art talks to science.
Art & science combine in these plastic pollution lessons by the Washed Ashore team.
Washed Ashore
Plastic Pollution
A K-12 curriculum.
Connecting the dots from waste to ocean in a SeaGrant curriculum pdf.
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Go Straw-Free
Ditch the straw.
It's easy, and has a huge effect on the ocean. Find out more on our Straw-Free page.
Ocean Guardian Activity Book
Learn how to protect the ocean.
Coloring, puzzles, facts and more from NOAA.
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Plastic Pollution Coalition
Why we need to refuse single-use plastic.
Dramatic multimedia visuals and science unite to describe the plastic problem.
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Fight Climate Change

Climate Change
Polar Bears International

Green Your School

at the Zoo.
Find out how we're reducing, reusing and recycling - and get inspired.
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Go green at school
Engage students as environmental stewards and leaders while creating a greener, healthier school.
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Eco-Schools USA
(National Wildlife Federation)
Join over 50 other countries in this international initiative to support the environment.
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