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Paws Up for Polar Bears

November 16 - 17, 2024
9:00AM - 3:30PM
Step into the Arctic Tundra for a birthday party for our polar bear twins, Astra and Laerke!

Wild About Polar Bears

Polar Bear Keeper Chats
Daily at 11:30am
Join us for a Keeper Chat at 11:30am. Learn about Astra and Laerke, how we care for them at the Zoo, and what you can do to help polar bears in the wild. You'll hear about what it takes to provide these magnificent creatures with a safe and enriching environment.
All the Birthday Treats
Watch Astra and Laerke recieve special birthday treats and enrichments!
Furs, Bones and More
Show & Tell (Polar Bear Style)
What do polar bear skulls feel like? How are they tracked in the wild? Learn from our conservation experts!
Garden Tour: Deserts & Baja
Meet our plants - and our horticulturalist. June 2.
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Opening of Tropical Reef Aquarium
The Tropical Reef Aquarium opens June 14!
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Pride Celebration
Celebrate Pride and our LGBTQIA+ community at the Zoo! June 22-23.
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Take Action for Polar Bears
Polar bears in the wild are facing the dramatic effects of climate change. Join us in a discussion of our changing climate and discover how you can play a vital role in helping wild polar bears and other Arctic animals.