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Party for Polar Bears

February 27, 2021
5:00PM - 9:00PM
Eat, drink and party to help polar bears. Dystopian State Brewing Co, 611 S. Baker St., Tacoma.

Polar Party

Eat, drink
(and support wild polar bears.)
It's the ultimate socially-distant party in Tacoma! Buy food and drinks at Dystopian State Brewing Co. from 5-9pm Feb. 27 (Polar Bear Day) and part of the proceeds will support Polar Bears International.
Who likes treats?
Ice cream and yummies.
Polar bears love treats - and so do we! Ruca Food Truck Washington and Bliss Ice Creamery will be on hand for yummies. Plus there's an online silent auction and fab merch Feb. 18-28. Check it out!
Buy or bid

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Students Shovel Sand for Polar Bear

Students from Tacoma School District’s Science and Math Institute (SAMI) recently helped shovel a truckload of sand into Blizzard the polar bear’s habitat. “The sand cools off Blizzard in the hot summer weather and is soft on his feet, too,” said Assistant Curator Sheriden. “Blizzard loves having fresh sand every year and we really appreciate the students coming out to help with this important task.” It took many buckets and rakes and a whole lot of teamwork to shovel the…

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Protecting Polar Bears
Polar bears need our help. Their ice is melting, which makes it harder for them to find food. We support Polar Bears International, a global organization that studies and protects bears in the wild.