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Explore the Shore

July 6, 2024
11:00AM - 1:00PM
Discover the world of low tide.
Owen Beach, Point Defiance Park.

Underwater, revealed

the world of low tide
Discover a world that's uncovered and covered with each tide. Walk Owen Beach in Point Defiance Park with our naturalists, who'll help you spot and identify tidal animals like crabs, shellfish, anemones and more.
It's your beach.
Explore it.
Ages 5 and up. Free. Meet on the beach near the parking lot and register at the event tent. Beach walks last 2 hours, though you may stay longer if you like.
Allergy treatment for a goat

Does the spring pollen have you in a sneezing fit? Does stepping outside make your eyes water? It turns out humans aren’t the only ones with allergies. Animals, too—even goats—get them. Spice, a 7-year-old Nigerian dwarf goat, receives allergy injections every two weeks to treat her symptoms. “Keepers first noticed Spice had dander and was losing her guard hairs and undercoat,” explained Associate Veterinarian Dr. Kadie Anderson. “With the assistance of a team of veterinary dermatologists from the Dermatology Clinic…

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The Tropical Reef Aquarium will reopen June 14, after extensive restoration and repair of critical animal-care structures, habitats, and life support systems. When guests walk back through the aquarium doors, they may not immediately notice those behind-the-scenes updates, but they will see new shark species, vibrant fish, and exciting new animals in a refreshed space. One of those new animals is Tater, a potato grouper. Meet Tater Tater, named by aquarium staff, is a juvenile potato grouper estimated to be…

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2024 City Nature Challenge breaks records

RECORD NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS, OBSERVATIONS, AND SPECIES IDENTIFIED IN 2024 SEATTLE-TACOMA CITY NATURE CHALLENGE Nearly 900 observers participated in this year’s City Nature Challenge spanning King, Snohomish, and Pierce counties, including Everett, Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Snohomish, and any place in between. From April 26 through April 29, community scientists submitted 16,395 nature observations—up 63% from 2023—and identified 1,868 species (+30%), showing the world the incredible biodiversity in the region’s home turf. That’s the region’s record! “It’s exciting to set a…

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A Plastic-Free Ocean
Explore the shore, and you may find more than just marine creatures. Our oceans are filling up with plastic - and it's up to us to stop the tide.