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Explore the Shore

June 24, 2024
12:30PM - 2:30PM
Discover the world of low tide.
Owen Beach, Point Defiance Park.

Underwater, revealed

the world of low tide
Discover a world that's uncovered and covered with each tide. Walk Owen Beach in Point Defiance Park with our naturalists, who'll help you spot and identify tidal animals like crabs, shellfish, anemones and more.
It's your beach.
Explore it.
Ages 5 and up. Free. Meet on the beach near the parking lot and register at the event tent. Beach walks last 2 hours, though you may stay longer if you like.
Wildlife Champions Explore Oak Tree Park

They have thick trunks and twisting branches, like winding pathways through time. Their acorns have fallen to the ground, easy pickings for the gray squirrels, birds, and deer that call Oak Tree Park in South Tacoma their home. On a sunny March afternoon, the acorns from the old Garry Oak trees have also caught the attention of the first and second graders from Arlington Elementary School. The park is within walking distance of their school. The students notice them all…

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Volunteer Profile: Brittney Polly, Wildlife Champions Assistant

Second graders at Arlington Elementary School got decked out in matching blue coats. There were excited giggles and chatter as they prepared to leave their classroom and venture into their South Tacoma neighborhood park for hands-on learning. “Miss Brittney, can you help me with my jacket?” one child asked. “Me, too,” others chimed in. Miss Brittney is Brittney Polly, and she has been volunteering with the Wildlife Champions program for two years. Recognizing Brittney during Volunteer Appreciation week, April 21-27,…

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If you thought Spring Training was over, guess again! It’s still underway at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. The animals and keepers at the Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater are preparing for their popular summer show, “Extraordinary Creatures and How to Care for Them.” The show returns May 4 and runs daily at 11:30 a.m. Beginning June 17th, the show will run daily at both 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater keepers are working with the animals on…

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A Plastic-Free Ocean
Explore the shore, and you may find more than just marine creatures. Our oceans are filling up with plastic - and it's up to us to stop the tide.