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Zoo to You

Can't come to the Zoo? We'll come to you!

We introduce schools and community organizations all around Pierce County and beyond to wildlife and wild places. Wildlife Lessons are 45-60 minutes and include fun animal information built around an educational theme, an encounter with one live animal, and a chance for participants to examine animal biofacts such as skulls and pelts.

What we bring

Wildlife Lessons
(Get a little wild.)
Learn more about your world through its animals! In our Wildlife Lessons you don't just get science (we support Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) with a focus on adaptations and conservation) and touchable animal biofacts. You get a live animal too!
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Animal Ambassadors

American opossum
Three-banded armadillo
Radiated tortoise
Burrowing owl
American Kestrel
Prehensile-tailed skink
Blue-tongued skink
Giant African millipede
And more!

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