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Mystery 4 Answer

You're right!

You found the bald eagle
And solved Question 4.

Adult male bald eagles WEIGH UP TO 10 lbs (that’s one small pumpkin, or 280 fun-size Snickers bars), with females weighing up to 15 lbs. Eagles use their strong talons and sharp beaks to build their nests. Can you imagine if you had to use your mouth and feet to make your bed every day!?

Do This

underwater walrusesThe animals living at the zoo make sounds that may seem spooky to us (especially after dark!) If you hear some strange whistles, it’s just walruses Pakak and Mitik saying hello!

As you walk, listen for other animals in the zoo. You might hear barking sea lions, grunting muskoxen, howling wolves, singing siamangs, and rowdy lemurs!

Fourth letter-clue

Your next letter-clue is E.

Continue through Rocky Shores and Arctic Tundra to Red Wolf Woods for your next hidden animal…and click for Question 5.