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Mystery of the Trees

Solve the Mystery

Find the creatures hiding in the trees...

In the darkening days of fall with the wind shuddering through the leaves, forests might seem a bit spooky. Furry, feathered, and slimy creatures might even be peering down from the branches. As you walk around the zoo, follow the clues and see if you can find the six animals “hiding” in the trees! (Hint: They’re photo cutouts of animals.)

Once you find a hidden animal, answer a question to collect letter-clues. Unscramble all the letters at the end to solve the final mystery of Who Needs Trees?!

If you answer incorrectly, the page will reload. (Scroll to try again.) Get the right answer and you can move on!

Ready? Let’s start!

First Location

South Pacific Aquarium
Watery trees and flat animals

To start, follow the one-way path to visit the South Pacific Aquarium.
Meander past the towering bamboo and onto a sandy beach where the waves lap at the shore. The mangrove trees you’re looking for here won’t reach high in the sky but instead stay low in the water. Can you find the pancake-shaped animals living around them?

Mystery Question 1

What are they escaping from?