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Celebrating Herald

After 14 joyous years together, we said our heartfelt goodbyes to our first Zoo dog, Herald. He was surrounded by so much love from his caring keepers and veterinary team as he was humanely euthanized after a decline in health.

The 16-year-old pup wasn’t just a star on the stage (though his range as a canine actor was enormous); he was a beloved member of our family. Herald was a cancer survivor, an expert at breaking into packages he wasn’t supposed to, and the fastest squirrel-chaser in the universe. He was also a conservation superhero, raising over $110,000 in donations to the Zoo’s Dr. Holly Reed Wildlife Conservation Fund.

We will continue to hold Herald in our hearts with each Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater show, cherishing the memories of his mischievous antics and zest for life.

The Legacy Lives On

In Loving Memory
of Herald

To honor and celebrate Herald, The Zoo Society is raising funds for a life-size bronze sculpture of Herald, which will sit at the entrance to the theater – welcoming all guests to the Zoo and the show. We invite you to continue to tell Herald’s story and celebrate his ability to connect guests with the work we do every day:

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